What is Samsung x AMD? – Enter Exynos 2200

What is Samsung x AMD? – Enter Exynos 2200

The ditching time may finally be here. What’s up, guys? We’re back with the latest Samsung news. Samsung x AMD is happening and it may be the eventual end of Qualcomm. Just the other day for the first time we talked about the release date of AMD GPU. Which according to the ice universe is happening in the month of June.

As for the Exynos processor that will be paired with this GPU. We have some amazing news on that. Outcomes the Exynos 2200 with AMD GPU rumored to come in the second half of this year. This is huge news reported by South Korean media. According to the report, Samsung could be bringing their Exynos 2200 chip with AMD GPU inside their laptops.

In case you don’t know Qualcomm has its root in a lot of Samsung products, not just phones. Some of Samsung’s recent laptops are using Qualcomm chips the snapdragon 8cx series. Which Qualcomm likes to call always on always connected. It is coming in a bunch of other laptops as well.

For the laptop chips, Samsung is either relying on Qualcomm or intel. But after what apple did by completely changing the game when they introduced their own m1 chip based on rm architecture. Samsung now realizes that they actually don’t need these third-party companies they need their own solution.

This is why Samsung could be bringing their Exynos 2200 chip with AMD GPU on a laptop for the first time. Slowly ditching Qualcomm and eventually, they might do the same thing with their smartphones. Not too long ago Korean media reported that Samsung will be ditching chargers and Qualcomm eventually. But the second part of that news could happen in the long term.

Now speaking of the future Samsung is moving mad when it comes to their camera sensors. They just announced their idle cell gn1 which is the world’s largest smartphone sensor as of now. But they are not stopping at that ice universe has leaked even more sensors that Samsung is planning to release this year.


What is Samsung x AMD? - Enter Exynos 2200


Very soon in q2 of 2021 Samsung will be announcing the iso cell 200 mega wise sensors with 0.64-micrometer pixel size. This is going to be the biggest megapixel count on any smartphone sensor. Truly breaking the boundary. We don’t know the actual working? and how the 200-megapixel images will be processed?

But it is coming. And in q3 we’re gonna be seeing either cell RGB sensor. The RGB sensor is using a brand new color filter array. And what this means is that it could bring significantly more light than a conventional rate sensor. And even more light about 20 more light than Huawei’s RGB sensor. We’ve heard in the past that Vivo has developed this sensor. So when Samsung does it of course. They’re gonna take this to a next level.

This all sounds super exciting. I really really hope that at least one of these sensors ends up on Samsung’s own phone. But considering their track record Xiaomi and Vivo will be the ones adopting these for the first time. And eventually, something will end up on Samsung’s own flash stream in the future perhaps to the full 3 or perhaps with the galaxy s22. If you thought all of this is crazy Samsung is literally trying to compete with the human eye.

Because in the future they want to make a 600-megapixel sensor we talked about this before. They actually posted this on their official website. So, it’s not a rumor it is actually officially happening at some point in the future. Not just a 600-megapixel sensor but lesser than that like 500 megapixel or 400 megapixels it sounds really really crazy. But I’m not surprised. Samsung is a crazy company.

You can pretty much tell by the article they’re trying to rival the human eye. Anyways that’s all for today Samsung xAMD moving mad. We’re going to be seeing this on the laptops ditching Qualcomm and intel on their laptops and eventually possibly on their smartphones.