Samsung AR Glasses: All Exciting Features

Samsung AR Glasses: All Exciting Features

It is time to take a look at the epic future of Samsung. We’re not going to be talking about the galaxy s22 or the Samsung x AMD or the dead note 21 ultras. This is completely different from all that stuff, enter Samsung’s ar glasses. So we got two videos that are basically showing off what these glasses will be capable of in the future.

This is titled Samsung glasses light and pretty much we have the simple-looking glasses. But they actually can do some crazy stuff. These AR Glasses can connect to various devices and show off stuff in front of your eyes. For example, you can see this guy is playing games and it’s all holographically displayed in front of his eyes.

Samsung AR Glasses

He then opens this youtube video on his watch and is being played on the Samsung AR Glasses and he just chills and relaxes. It even transforms into a dex mode. Samsung is calling it dex display. No need for a monitor or anything and of course. You can also do video calls there’s also a sunglasses mode which turned them into normal glasses.

And then it even connects to a drone showing off a new dimension display. All this is pretty exciting in the near future. You’ll be able to use glasses hand-in-hand with your various Samsung devices and have a number of functions right before your eyes. Not just that he’s able to create an ar simulation of a house and they’re talking about everything. And once he takes off those glasses poof everything is gone.


Samsung AR glasses concept video showcases

This is Samsung’s sneak peek of what could be offered by their future ar glasses. So a breath of fresh air just like slidable rollable and foldable smartphones. This is also the future that we’re gonna be seeing pretty soon. In the month of March, we’re gonna see so many phones being announced.

But before all that Huawei is about to announce their mate x2 foldable phone. It’s actually going to be announced today and the craziest thing about this folder phone is that Huawei has figured out a way to completely get rid of that crease. A crease is something that we have seen on every single mobile phone. But somehow according to the leaks right now, we have not seen the official product yet but seems like Huawei has figured out the equation as always.

Everything will be unveiled today. As for other devices soon we’re gonna be seeing the launch of Xiaomi’s redmi k40 and k40 pro. These devices are said to rock some flashy level specs including an OLED display from Samsung with a 120hz refresh rate. Xiaomi is also gearing up to launch their redmi note 10 series officially on March 4th.

And on that very same day, we’re also going to be seeing the announcement for the real me gt. It’s going to be another sniper and triple power device coming also on the same day. So pretty exciting stuff is coming in the coming days. Let me know what you think about Samsung’s epic future which is of course other than their smartphone division.