Rose Pink MSI 14in Prestige Laptop Full Specifications

Rose Pink MSI 14in Prestige Laptop Full Specifications

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Rose Pink MSI Full Specifications


Rose Pink MSI: A little pink laptop case. Oh, it’s pretty! Look, there’s nothing wrong with having a pretty laptop. You can have a laptop be pretty and powerful, okay? Oh! A little handle! Oh! Another little handle! Oh, this is a surprise to me. There’s even a wireless mouse that it comes with.

What the heck? And. Did somebody say that they wanted an MSI dragon key chain? We’ve got our power adapter. You guys. Come on, you shoulda made it pink. Ooh, look at that. A nice little USB-Ethernet adapter, for all of your Ethernet-ing needs. Let’s check this mouse out. Look at you! Oh, uh, that’s funny.

I have just thrown the mouse across the room. They’re calling this color Rose Pink and it’s freaking beautiful. Now it’s time to take a peek at this laptop, baby. Look, I don’t wanna be stereotypical or anything, but I’m a sucker for pink. I’m so excited to see this. I need to take a moment. Okay, moment over. Oh, look. Look at you! You’re all covered up in a little blanket. Oh, shoot.

Shoot! Look at this. Oh, wow. Freakin’ whee. So let’s upon this up, and there is a really exciting surprise. Freakin’ folds. All the way back. Let’s turn this thing on and test it out. So this Rose Pink version is a limited edition one, but they also have a Pure White, Carbon Gray, and Urban Silver in the Prestige Series. This is the 14″ model. There’s also a 15″ available as well. And this is powered by the Intel Evo platform.

Rose Pink MSI 14in Prestige Laptop Full Specifications

Let’s take a look and see what ports we have. Over here, we’ve got a Micro SD card slot, headphone jack, and also a USB 3, and on the other side, we have two Thunderbolt 4 ports and it charges right there via USB-C. This is also very light like I’m surprised at how light this is. I’m obsessed with this color. It is really, really pretty. And if this color isn’t your favorite, it’s okay, they have others.


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You know, pink is not for everyone, but it is for me. I love that the mouse matches, and I also love that this is something that is obviously geared towards portability but also doesn’t lack in performance. And. Hello? Matching little case. Like, if I was in college right now, I would be, this would be me.

They’d see me rollin’. ( They’d be hatin’. I’m ready to go to school. Although, if I was going to school right now, I basically would be walking downstairs, probably into my kitchen, because we don’t go anywhere anymore. Still, still, still. How? What’s really great about the Intel Evo platform, is Intel is working directly with laptop manufacturers, to optimize not only the software but all of the performance.

Rose Pink MSI So it’s kinda great, to be able to go in and actually be able to optimize all of these things. There’s even an application optimizer. So there’s a High-Performance option. So this configuration boosts the highest possible performance for heavy tasks, like gaming. And there’s also a Balanced. This is, “A cozy,” I love that it says it’s cozy, “and the best system setting that MSI recommends.”

Then there’s a Silent mode, and this is kinda neat because this will keep your system noise level really low, if you’re doing a Zoom call or something like that, this will be optimized for that. And then over here, look at this, Super Battery. And I need things. There is also a built-in webcam. There’s a little webcam button here too, that will allow you to turn the webcam access on or off.

I just love privacy controls. I wonder if Jenna would wanna do an MSI laptop-to-MSI laptop conference call. So, I spent the past few days with this laptop, and I’ve done everything from email to conference calls. I played some video games. And I just sorta did all of the everyday normal tasks that I do every single day. That’s why they’re everyday normal tasks. I’m always doing a lot of emails.

I’m taking a ton of notes, for future videos or various projects, so I’m constantly doing that and having to do revisions for scripts. I do love how light this is because there are a lot of times that I’m working from the couch, or I’m actually just sitting on the floor, or I’m working from a different couch, or a different chair. The thing about me that I’ve noticed, is when I am working from home, I don’t last very long in one specific location.

So being able to have a laptop that is light and portable is really important. So then I thought what was kinda unique about this laptop, is there is more of an angle on the keyboard, and, for me, it seemed like it was actually making a difference. I like that this has two different privacy options for the microphone and the camera. So, on F5 and F8, this gives you the option with one press, to turn the microphone or the camera off or on.

I kinda like this for conference calls, because there are so many times where it’s just easier to just be able to hit one single key than going in and unmute yourself, every single time, in the actual interface. So this is kinda neat. I like the keyboard. It has a really nice key-travel type on it. It just cozy, like a comfy little key press. I like that the fingerprint sensor is kind of built into the trackpad. I like the size of the trackpad. It kinda makes it feel like it’s larger than it is, and even the keys, sometimes on smaller laptops like this, the keys are a little bit smaller, but this is like a full-size keyboard. They really did do a great job on this device.

This limited edition Pink Rose is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Having that Intel Evo platform brings a combination of performance responsiveness and battery life. With the Iris Xe graphics, you’re getting not only a stylish laptop but that performance and light-weight portability, all thanks to Intel Evo.


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