Apple is FINALLY Listening to Samsung for Foldable Device

Apple is FINALLY Listening to Samsung for Foldable Device

Apple has finally noticed the unrivaled dominance of Samsung in the world of foldable. We’ve already heard that Apple is working on a foldable iPhone or foldable iPad for the future. But all those have been rumors nothing really timeline-based until now. Outcomes a massive report from mingxiko one of the most trusted apple leakster on the planet he says that Apple could launch a 7.5 inch to 8-inch screen size foldable product.

Basically a galaxy full kind of device that can transform from a tablet iPad stage to a normal iPhone. He says that this could happen in 2023. By that time Samsung will already be at galaxy fold 5. But as we know apple is slow to adopt things especially the crazy tech out there.

The forward market is growing at a pretty fast rate because Samsung is set to supply their OLED display to many brands including Xiaomi, google, oppo, Vivo. Market research firm or media expects that the foldable OLED sales will grow 2.1 billion dollar revenue in 2021.

Which in comparison to last year is a 200 increase. Most of those OLED follow-up display sales will be done by one brand and that is Samsung. Samsung has almost tripled the number of sales of its galaxy fold to compared to its original fold with the depth of the note 21 ultras the high for the fall 3 will be even massive and we can expect even bigger sales than the galaxy fall 2. 2023 is still far away but we’ll keep an eye on apple’s foldable iPhone iPad development in the future.

Also, ming chico has dropped some more news regarding the future of iPhones. Particularly the future of notch. This is one thing that people comment on all the time on iPhone 13 league. So notch is still here to stay on the iPhone 13 lineup. It’s going to get a bit smaller but it will get removed in the future as ming chico says that.


Apple is FINALLY Listening to Samsung for Foldable Device


At least one iPhone in 2022 will feature a punch-hole display. Ming chico further expects that if Apple has no problem with production and no problems in development. We might actually see all the iPhones in 2022 with the OLED punch hole. He doesn’t mention how apple will achieve this. Are they going to ditch the face id in favor of the on-screen touch id which we know that they are working for the future iPhones?

Speaking of this year once again Michiko says that the 120-hertz refresh rate is coming to the iPhone 13 pro and the 13 pro max. He says that Apple will be updating the ultra-wide-angle lens to f 1.8 aperture, Bigger batteries. So we can see iPhones performing even better in the battery drain tests.

Apple is also said to be using Qualcomm’s x65g modem on all the future iPhone 13 models instead of the newest x65 5g model which we’ll likely see on the galaxy s22. As for the portless iPhone make chico says that it’s not going to happen on the iPhone 13 series. Apple is still likely to stick with a lightning port.

The reason behind this is that the max safe ecosystem is not mature just yet. So they’re very likely to stick with the lightning port. And for some reason, if you’re expecting them to switch to USB type-c instead of lightning that’s never gonna happen. They’re gonna make as much money they can with their own lightning board from third-party manufacturers and when the time is right which is probably next year.

They’re gonna go portless. Also, there have been some rumors saying that lidar scanners coming to all iPhone 13 models. According to Mexico that’s not right, it’s going to stay on the iPhone 13 pro and the pro max model. As for those who are expecting a newer iPhone SE model this year that’s also not going to happen.

At least until the first half of 2022 ming chico says that Apple is likely to introduce an iPhone SE plus. That will have a similar design as the current iPhone sc 2020 but with upgraded internals and full-on 5g sport. So that’s it for today massive massive news regarding the future of apple. With the upcoming iPhone switching to the punch hole panel portless iPhone now expected to happen next year. And most importantly an actual timeline-based leak of apple’s foldable product.