BREAKING: Samsung’s next flagship Exynos will have an AMD GPU

BREAKING: Samsung’s next flagship Exynos will have an AMD GPU

Samsung x AMD is happening believe it or not the hype for this is way more than anything else that is going on. For the first time, we have the actual release date of when Samsung will be announcing this. Outcomes the tweet from one of the most trusted Samsung leakster on the planet ice universe. He says that Samsung is gearing up to launch only the GPU for now in the month of June.


Samsung Exynos chip with AMD RDNA GPU officially

That means we’re just three months away from seeing the greatness that Samsung has worked on alongside AMD and later on as Samsung promised in their Exynos 2100 announcement video. A new Exynos processor with this GPU is gonna come out later down the year. We’re so eager to see the performance and gains of this collaboration. If you guys remember we had some leaked AMD GPU benchmarks in comparison to the apple a14 chip. For those early prototype numbers, it was pretty good.


Samsung x AMD


Again I’m super excited to see what the actual final GPU numbers will be later down the year. Also in the news, we have the official announcement coming from Samsung. Samsung announced their brand new next-generation iso cell gn2 camera sensor. This is the world’s largest smartphone sensor coming with a 50-megapixel resolution. But the size of a whopping one by 1.2.

Not just that it also has a pixel size of 1.4 micrometers. Which is a lot more than the 0.7-micrometer pixel size of the s21 ultra’s iso-cell hm3. With this huge size, the sensor promises to bring amazing detail even in just regular shots. Although the sensor itself is a 50-megapixel sensor it has the full-on capability to output a 100-megapixel image for those who want the full extra crispy details.


Samsung’s next Exynos SoC will have an AMD GPU¬†

It’s also Samsung’s first sensor to bring dual pixel pro-technology which promises ultra-fast autofocus incredible focus logging and scene detection. The sensor also has some amazing video capabilities 4k up to 120 frames per second, instant hdr, and amazing performance in low light.

I have to say they absolutely have to use this on their phone 3 because it sounds so awesome. But as we have seen previously Samsung never uses their gun sensor on their own smartphone so very likely. This is going to go towards the Vivo or possibly the next Xiaomi flagship phone.

There’s a reason why Samsung decreased the pixel size on their iso cell hm3 because they want to make the camera bump as minimal as possible. So that we have a sleek-looking flagship. If they were to use this sensor or the s21 ultra it would probably look pretty chunky. The one smartphone that I think is rocking this sensor is possibly the me11 ultra that has an insane camera bump.


More Info about Samsung Exynos flagship to have AMD GPU

We might even see Vivo using this sensor. But if there is one brand that absolutely needs this crazy hardware is google. As we have heard already that google might use the exodus chip on their upcoming Pixel 6 phone. If they’re using Samsung’s chip then why not use Samsung’s hardware? Because Samsung is selling this sensor to other brands. Imagine having this sensor on board and google’s image processing.

Honestly, that just blows my mind it’s the perfect combo. Google still has that processing but they’re lacking so much when it comes to hardware. I really hope that google buys this camera sensor from Samsung for the pixel 6 again. Samsung x AMD glad to see that we finally have an actual date. So get excited June is that month it’s going to be hot anyway. But Samsung is about to turn that heat up even more so that’s it for this news.